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You’re Invited to King of Love Vespers – May 7

King of Love candlesOn National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 7 at 7:30 p.m. – First Presbyterian Church, 6021 Hohman Avenue in Hammond, IN

You’re invited to King of Love Vespers, a 50 minute worship experience designed to provide time to consider what God is saying through His Word, using the Word being read, visual art, live music based on hymns grounded in Scripture, and prayer. It offers time to be still and listen to what God is saying to us in a culture that leaves little or no room for us to do so. Even in our own churches, there is little time if any, for quiet and reflection. In our world of constant noise, stimulation, communication and multi-tasking, we need ample time (not just a few seconds here and there) to be still and listen to what God is saying to us in His Word.

In response, having been challenged by God’s Word, we leave asking ourselves “How Then Shall I Live”?  Throughout Scripture, God says “Be still and know that I am God.” In a setting where the focus is God and His Word, the format for worship is reflective and personal. As a stand-alone service, King of Love Vespers is for any community that desires a one hour respite from the clamor of our world.

The nine hymn selections for violin and piano found on the King of Love CD by Stringsong are presented live, with original visual artwork projected during each piece. Worshipers have a devotional guide containing lyrics for each hymn and selected Scripture that is read aloud by a narrator before each selection. Various guiding questions and or statements included with each piece encourage participants to contemplate personal application of God’s Word. Following each hymn played, there is a prayer related to the focus of the hymn’s message.

Reflection on Scripture and words of the hymns, enhanced through visual art and musical expression offer each worshiper time to ponder God’s love, provision and restoration. After the final selection, the Lord’s Prayer, worshipers are encouraged to leave the sanctuary in reverent silence.

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