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Devotional Companion


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The King of Love Devotional Companion is a 26 page booklet containing Scripture, hymn lyrics, artwork, reflection and prayer for each of the 9 selections on the King of Love CD.

Ways to Use the King of Love Devotional Companion

  • Individually: Use the Devotional Companion as you enjoy personal devotional time one selection at a time with the CD; or, as a longer devotional any number of selections in row—up to 45 minutes devotional time moving through all 9 selections. 
  • Group: Use a selection in the Devotional Companion with CD to start off your Bible study, committee, or small group meeting. Follow your selection with extended group prayer around the theme. Using this at monthly meetings, the 9 selections provide the theme of God’s love, provision and restoration over the course of a typical 2-semester (September – May) season of meetings.
  • Church or Organization: Program the King of Love CD & Devotional Companion as corporate devotional/prayer one selection at a time; or, conduct a King of Love Vespers style service using a reader for the Scripture, Reflection and Prayer portions and using the CD for the Listen portions. 
  • Stringsong: You may invite Stringsong to facilitate a live worship experience at your church or organization. Email




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